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Vastu Kamdhenu Cow with Calf Idol (Gold Plated)

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Vastu Kamdhenu Cow with Calf Idol  (Gold Plated)

The Kamadhenu cow is considered an extraordinary cow, also known as the “Mother of all cows”, “Cow of Plenty” and “Space Cow”. The Kamadhenu cow and her calf “Nandini” have attracted great interest in Indian history due to their success in attracting surrounding farms and removing obstacles in life.

It is believed that placing a Kamadhenu cow idol in a house, especially one that also has a calf, Nandini, brings prosperity, happiness and good household status. Another advantage is that your wishes will come true. Because cows are considered mothers in Hinduism, Kamadhenu believes it will remove all diseases and bad vibrations from your home or workplace. Placing a cow and a cow statue at home can instill health, wealth, peace, success and positivity in your life.