We all know the importance of bedroom in our daily life. It is an important part of the house. Rather than just sleeping it is also a place for you spend some private quality time with either yourself or your partner.

 So, isn’t it a great idea to turn it into the best room of your house? And turn it into a sexy & romantic bedroom.


“If you want to fall apart, Do it in your bedroom.”


Your bedroom can only be transformed if you bring some changes into it. Remember it is not just a place to sleep but also a place where two people come close.

In this article we’ll be helping you with some simple bedroom decorating ideas that will turn your bedroom into a romantic place.

 Some of these ideas are traditional and some of them are modern choose the ones that you feel will fit in with your lifestyle and taste. 



1.) Fun with Colors

 Colors play a major role in the vibe inside the room. Choose colors that match your feelings and style and the style of your partner. This would result into a romantic & caring vibe inside the room.

Color plays a main role in bringing you and your partner closer to each other. This will help you to spend more private time in your bedroom.

It can even lead to some romance between you and your partner. So, keep in mind to choose the colors wisely for your bedroom walls because choosing the wrong match can ruin the look of your bedroom.


2.) High-Quality Bedding

Now let’s come to the most important part of every bedroom, the bed. It is the main center part of every bedroom and having it of a high quality is a main thing.

Keeping you bed comfortable and warm is necessary as this is where you would sleep and give rest to your body. So, remember to maintain a high quality for the bed.

Avoid using polyester & synthetic sheets. Instead, consider using sheets made up of natural silk, bamboo fiber or Egyptian cotton. This could create a seductive ambience in the room and turn you partners mood romantic.


3.) Texture Matters A Lot

Underestimating the power of texture in a bedroom is not a good idea. Texture brings warmth and coziness to a room.

You Can use mattresses made up of soft texture like cotton and silk. Pieces like wall tapestries, tufted headboards etc. can also be used in your bedroom.

This creates a warm and comfortable feeling in a person. It even gives a great look to your bedroom making it much more stylish and good looking.


4.) Sweet Scent

A good fragrance can also change the mood of a person. Sweet scents like that of Jasmine, Lily, Crown Jewel, etc. can change the vibe of your room into romantic & happy feeling.

You can use a large variety of Fragrant candles in your room to change the vibe. They can also be used on some special occasions like anniversary & birthdays of your partner.

You can also use some room freshers for the task but remember it nothings more romantic then a candle lurking in the night.


5.) Getting Rid of Office

As we discussed before bedroom is a place for you to relax or to spend time with your partner. So, don’t let your office work ruin that quality time.

Accessories like laptops & office paper can become a large distraction for you and your partner. So, try to keep them far away from your bed.

This will help you to relax yourself and remove all the stress from your body and even make you more romantic with your partner.


6.) Playing with Lights

This is one of the most necessary things for couples and especially for newly marries couples. Warm lighting is a key to a sexy & romantic room.

Sconces and pendant lamps that create patterns and shadows are an amazing way to make the environment more interesting.

Choosing lamps whose lighting can be controlled by you is a smart way. This will help you to dim the lights when you are in for making a romantic mood. This can also help you to spend a good private time with your partner.


7.) Tidying It Up

You know that having to remove stuff from bed during a romantic moment is the last thing you want; this can lead to you or your partner getting distracted from the moment and this might even ruin your moment.

So, in order to avoid this from happening to you always keep in mind to keep your bed clean. You can do this by removing excessive pillows that are not needed.

Two pillows are enough to rest on as excessive can be a bit frustrating. Even keeping your bedsheets neat and tidy is a good thing to do.


8.) Decorating the Walls

Beautiful walls can lead to a beautiful time. So, keeping your walls decorated with wall-stickers, paintings and photo frames is a good idea.

Wall stickers that reflect you and your partner’s taste are a great choice to decorate your walls.

Paintings or photo frames of you & you partner can also play a great role in setting up a romantic and warm mood. So, choose the best photos of you & your partner and hang them in a beautiful frame on your walls.


9.) Blackout Curtains for Windows

Curtains not only give an extra touch of beauty to the room but can also change the environment of the room.

If we are with our partner’s we all know that the light coming from the outside does not make us feel much private but in a bit darkness we can get private with our partners.

So, for that purpose you can use blackout curtains that will help you to bring a bit darkness to your bedroom and help you get private and comfortable with your partner.


10.) Classy Eatables

Having some eatable things in your bedroom can make it look a bit classy. Stuff like a bottle of wine or strawberries or chocolates can play a great role in making creating a romantic environment in your bedroom.

Decorating your table with these stuffs just like the ones done in luxurious hotel rooms can act as a fine touch to your bedroom.

So, if your partner is a fan of a glass of wine or any of the stuff you can make sure to include that stuff in your bedroom.


11.) Adding Nightstands

Having a nightstand beside you bed is a classy thing to do. It gives a classy look to your bedroom and even helps both you and your partner to control the light by their side.

It also acts as a great place for both of you to keep your stuff like mobile phone or condoms, etc. beside your bed. So, whenever necessary you can reach out for the stuff you need.

You can either use a classy and traditional nightstand or a modern one that matches your taste and style. Also keep in mid that it blends in with rest of the vibe in the room.


All the above-mentioned ideas are some of the finest ideas that can help you to change the vibe inside your bedroom and make it more romantic and relaxing. Hoping that the ideas and that the ideas bring a great change in your bedroom and a bit of changes in your romantic life.

Let us know in the comment section below about these simple bedroom decorating ideas and which ideas will you love to choose for your bedroom.


Tip: - Don’t feel ashamed to ask your partner about their taste because that would only make the task easier and the result you will get would be the one loved by both you and your partner.


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