Living in a home or apartment with no plants at all can have a negative impact on our mental as well as physical health and sometimes it can get stressful.

People who have their own gardens can easily plant some trees in their backyard or garden. But what about those who live in flats? For those people gardening is not something they can do.

So, in that case indoor flowering plants are the best option. They will help you to be fresh, happy, full of energy.

Some of these plants are also a good air purifier and are very beneficial if you live in a city where air pollution is a common thing.


“True meaning of life is to plant trees, Under whose shade you don’t accept to sit” – Nelson Henderson


Indoor flowering plants not only help you at your home but apart from that they can even help you to enhance your workplace productivity. So, keep in mind to keep one on your working desk.

Some of these plants only live for a year and some can live for many years if handled with enough care.

For you to choose easily we have brought for you 15 Best Indoor Flowering Plants you can plant at your home or workplace.

There are a large variety of colors in which the flowers of these plants bloom. So, you can choose the one that fits your choice.


1.) African Violet

These are one of the most popular indoor flowering plant in America and are believed to be symbol of faithfulness and friendship.

These plants are easy to grow and they prefer a hot & humid climate rather than cold climate. So, place them on a spot where they can receive a good amount of filtered sunlight.

They bloom pretty looking violet colors plant that even give a beautiful look to a house. It is also one of the rare plants that blooms flowers all year long continuously and by looking at this plant you can feel happiness.

2.) Flowering Maple

This plant is also known as Abutilon. It has yellow, red, peach papery or pink flowers that appear mostly all year. It is also known as an annual plant.

The flowering maple loses its beauty and freshness after some years and starts appearing dull and much less beautiful.

It grows the best in a warm and humid weather so keeping it beside a window with enough sunlight is the best idea. Its most attractive parts are its flowers that make the plant look very beautiful and welcoming.


3.) Peace Lily

The beautiful white spoon shaped flowers and the bright green leaves are the best description for this plant. This makes it a must have indoor flowering plant for your house.

In a research conducted by NASA it was found out that Peace Lily is on the top of indoor plants for purifying air. It is capable of neutralizing toxic gases such as benzene, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide.

The plant is also capable of living for many years if provided with a good amount of sunlight and moist soil.  


4.) Jasmine

It is one of the most popular indoor flowering plant. It is known for its beautiful looking white and pinkish flowers that give an extra beautiful look to your house. The dwarf varieties do the best indoor.

Along with their beautiful looking flowers they also release a sweet and soothing aroma. They require high humidity, good amount on sunlight and minimal water to grow.

The jasmine is not only used as indoor flowering plants but also used for decorating hair and making garlands for Indian marriages and festivals.


5.) Orchids

Orchids are one of the flowering plants that are found in many parts of the world like deserts, mountain tops, grassland and tropical forest. But the one that is used as an indoor flowering plant is the tropical orchid.

Each and every orchid species has a unique look so you can plant a bunch of them in your house and make you house beautiful.

They have quite a variety of colors like white, yellow, pink, purple, red, etc. Orchids do not need direct sunlight to grow and even are not needed to water a lot.


6.) Oxalis

This beautiful indoor flowering plant makes your house loke pretty with its purple foliage and pink or white flowers.

It is also known to provide a good food for bees and butterflies by giving them a good amount of nectar. So, you can find butterflies or bees flying around the plant.

It needs a good amount of light to grow, it is also good to allow the soil to first dry before watering it back.


7.) Begonias

These plants are of many categories and is believed to be an outdoor plant but it has various genus plants that make a good indoor flowering plant. Some of them are Wax Begonia, Angel-Wing Begonia and Rieger Begonia.

They bloom with beautiful flowers in shades of white, pink or red. These plants do not grow back each year and cannot bear the cold frost weather.

So, you have to replant them each year and the best time is to wait for at least one week after final frost winter and then plant it.

These plants are a great choice for indoor house plants.


8.) Ixora Plant


Ixora is a beautiful indoor flowering plant to have. It has beautiful flowers with colors like Jungle Flame, pink, white, red or yellow for decorating your house.

These plants are easy to grow if provided with suitable conditions like warm sunny location with also a bit of shade. Ixora plants can grow at any time during the whole year.

Herbal medicines claim that the flowers of Ixora have certain substances that can help in curing diseases like tuberculosis, hypertension, etc. Therefore, the plant provides mental as well as physical health benefit.


9.) Anthurium

Anthurium is an exotic looking plant that blooms flower all year round. It is also known by names like flower or tail flower.

The best condition to grow the plant is to provide it with bright and indirect sunlight and a less moist soil. It even has the ability to purify air.

Due to their open, heart like shaped flowers Anthurium is also known to symbolize hospitality and can also be known as a welcoming indoor plant.


10.) Christmas Cactus 

It is one of the oldest and still one of the most favorite indoor flowering plant. It blooms with flowers that have a red, pink, white or orange color and it even creates a warm environment in the house.

Place the plant near a window for it to receive direct sunlight. It is also recommended that keeping the soil moist while its blooming can help the plant to be fresh.

The plant also has a long life and can bloom for several years if it is being maintained well enough.


11.) Flowering Kalanchoe

Flowering Kalanchoe is a tropical succulent, it can be grown indoors to make your house more beautiful. The flowers that bloom on the plant come in a variety of colors. The variety of colors range from pink to creamy white and to bright orange.

Keeping the plant near a window can help it receive plenty of sunlight keeping the plant fresh. The Kalanchoe can live for a more than one year if provide with suitable conditions.

Flowering in the plant mostly occurs during the winter season when the daylight periods are short. It does not require a lot of water to grow.


These indoor flowering plants can play a main role in setting the environment inside your apartment or house so choose the plants with delicacy.

The above list chosen by us includes the finest plants available in the market so you can trust us on that. Also, we will love to know your choice so let us know that in the comment section below.

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