CraftEmporio Surreal Jungles of Africa Wall Clock

Rs. 1,999.00 Rs. 3,599.00

The Surreal Jungles of Africa Wall Clock is a fresh new way of decorating your house in a classy yet bold manner. This wall clock embodies the vastness and the might of African jungles.

                          Surreal Jungles of Africa Wall Clock 

Inspired by Surrealism, this wall clock makes a statement and invites innovative and creative thoughts. This beautiful piece has an unusual design in which the artist has shrunk the great African jungles into a small scale.

                                Surreal Jungles of Africa Wall Clock

In terms of design, Surrealist art shows a lot of freedom. This freedom to use colors in designs has given us the beauty of this vase. It is truly a piece of work with its elegant shape and size.   



  • Dimensions: Dia- 19 Inches
  • Material: MS