If you are looking forward to build your own new house or to renovate your room or apartment then what’s better then being able to see your imagination before-hand. For that purpose, these 3D Home designing software can help you a lot.

House is a place where we mostly spend our time so we should try our best to make the place as beautiful as possible. And while designing one if anything mis-matches the whole beauty gets ruined.

Are you keen to avoid that horrible mistake? So, you should definitely try out these Home Design Software they are worth using.

They will help you to virtually design your house or apartment and allow you to see how your design project will end up.

Many of these software’s are Free and many are Paid so our recommendation to you would be that choose the one that fulfill your needs perfectly.

And what’s more amazing about these apps? It’s that you can even choose the material you want to use, furniture and even the plants you would love to see in your gardens. These software’s just make everything much easier and more enjoyable.

So, here is our list of 9 Best 3D Home Design Software.


1.) Sketch Up

Coming in the beginning is Sketch Up. It is considered to be the best 3D Home Design Software Available currently in the market.

It offers us with various advanced 3D Modelling Tools and some pretty amazing tutorials on how to use the software.

The interface of the software is also amazing & quite flexible. While using the software it feels like as if you are deigning with some real pen and paper.

Whether you are planning to design the exterior of your house or you are looking forward to design the interior the software will always help you to bring your imagination to life.

One of the most useful and amazing features of the Sketch Up Pro is its 3D Warehouse, a huge library of various 3D Models. This provides you with a lot more things you can choose for your house.

Along with a premium version the software even contains of a free version. If you are using the software for the first time then using the free version is a wise choice. The premium version of the software is considered to be for professionals.


Price: The price of the software is around $299.0 per year.


2.) Smart Draw

It is another powerful Home Design 3D Software available in the market. The software is very user friendly and easy enough for everyone to understand it completely. Even many professional designers use the software.

Smart Draw offers us with an amazing selection of furniture, vehicles, building material, thousands of templates to choose from and many pre-designed floor examples for you to choose from.

It helps you to create and explore many new ideas and creations for your house creating many possibilities for you to design your build more efficiently and beautifully.

The only minus point about the software is that it’s only free for the first 7 Days. So, it would be better for you to buy the software only if you are planning to use it for multiple projects. But still it is worth the price so you can check it out.

Price: The price of the software is around $5.95 per month which is a fare amount of price for such an amazing software.


3.) Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D is the best completely free to use home design software currently available in the market.

The software might not be powerful enough for you to design skyscrapers and malls but its fairly good enough for you if you are trying to design your own studio or your room.

It allows you to create a 2D plan of the house in a 3D preview allowing you to decorate your interior & exterior with furniture, vehicles, home appliances, etc. allowing you to create a virtual environment.


Price: The software is completely free to use.

Now there is a paid version of the software at $13 but there is not much different about it. The only thing that changes is the library of objects, it has 1,400 objects while the free version only has 100. You should only buy the paid version if you feel the need to.


4.) RoomSketcher

The RoomSketcher application is an easy to use 3D design software. The app is powerful enough for you to design your house floor or the whole house.

The interface offered by the software is very simple, fast and beautiful and the performance given by the software is also very silk-smooth.

You can use the software for free but it’s not worth it as the paid version has much more features and tools to offer you with. But the biggest problem you will face is that even if you buy the software you will still be limited in doing many things.

Price: The price of the software is $49.99 per year.

The problem with the software is that even if you buy the premium version you can only save 5 project files and for you to save more you will have to pay for the extra slot you will use.   


5.) Planner 5D

Planner 5D is seemingly one of the best home design software available. With this application you will be able to take a closer look to your designs with your feet placed virtually on the ground.

With planner 5D you could whether design your own built or you can use the pre-designed templates if you are not in the mood of making complex designs.

The software can also be accessed with iOS devices.

It is pretty easy to get used to the interface of the software as it is pretty easy enough to use the software. You can add furniture and other needed accessories to your design to make it look more attractive and beautiful.

The only downside is that you can only use some basic furniture like a bed, chairs and sofas. But for the rest you will have to pay for it.

Price: Its free to use expect for the furniture and other accessories for whom you have to pay.


6.) Floor Planner

Floor planner allows you to design and decorate your place in either 2D or 3D. You can us the software online without the need of downloading it.

It is easy for beginners to get used to the interface of the software and to learn it. The software can also be used by professional designers.

The real strength of the tool is in designing floors. After that you have completed your floor plan you can then shift to 3D view and decorate the place.

Price: The price of the software starts from $5.00 per month.  There is also a free version of the software for you to use and learn from.   


7.) DreamPlan Home Designer   

 As the name suggest DreamPlan helps you to virtually design your dream house. The software is easy to understand & to use.

The software mainly aims at home designing, it is also cheaper than many other similar home design software.

Though the library of the software is not filled with many furniture & accessories it still has the essential ones needed.

The app is good enough for making floor and home designs. It can also be used to design gardens and landscapes.

Price: The price of the software as said is comparatively lower than the other similar apps. It’s price is only around $24.99 which you only have to pay once and that’s a pretty good deal.


8.) HomeByMe

It is one of the best apps available for usage and is also one of our favorite ones. The software is free to use and so are its other features.

The interface of the software is very clean and easy to use and a person can easily get used to using the software.

 It has a very unique feature that works in an amazing way. It has brands who add their products inside it which means you are using real products and if end up liking a furniture

 you can buy them in real if you want to.

Software allows you to change from 2D to 3D which is again an amazing feature a sit helps a lot in making the design much more detailed.

Price: The software is free to use which is incredibly unexpected as it offers many good features.

Along with home designs the software is also capable of making floor designs.


Note: None of these software’s are listed according to some specific list all are placed randomly. We have only chosen the ones that are the best and the finest of all.

3D Home Designing Software are incredibly useful as they help us to see our imagination in virtual reality.

Which of the above-mentioned software would you use for your home or room designing? Also, have you used before any of these software? Let us know down in the comment section below we will love to hear from you.








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